Hastings County

Human Resources

The Human Resources department is responsible for recruiting and supporting a team of professional, skilled, and accountable staff to ensure high-quality County services. The department attracts and retains highly skilled employees, motivates staff to the highest levels of performance, and provides a safe and healthy work environment. 

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Career Opportunities

Recruitment – Compensation & Benefits
Safe and Healthy Work Environment

The Human Resources staff are committed to the ongoing health and safety of our employees, customers and community partner agencies. 


Members of the public are encouraged to contact the County via phone for inquiries:


Phone (613) 966-1311        Toll Free 1-866-267-0575

Office Hours: Monday-Friday from 8:30am - 4:30pm

Email careers@hastingscounty.com 



Questions about the status of your prescheduled interview? Email here.

For matters relating to health and safety, please email here.

For matters relating to compensation & benefits, please email here.

Key Contacts

Shaune Lightfoot Headshot

Shaune Lightfoot

Director of Human Resources

(613) 966-1311 ext. 3207