5 Things Your Sales Funnel Really Needs


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If you’re like most businesses, you’re fed up with spending money on marketing that doesn’t work. Of course, if you knew what to do differently, you would—but you don’t, and so you feel stuck. Meanwhile, your sales are lagging. Your bottom line isn’t budging. And worst of all, you feel discouraged. 
Here’s the good news: It doesn’t have to be that way. You’re invited to join Katrina MacDonald, from Kasama Marketing on Thursday November 30th from 11am – 12pm for an enlightening discussion hosted by the Small Business Centre. Katrina will talk about the 5 Things your Sales Funnel Really Needs to engage customers and grow business. You’ll walk away knowing how to position your business to stand out, so you can capture your customers’ attention and compel them to buy. 

"Don’t waste your hard-earned money on marketing that doesn't work". Katrina from KASAMA Marketing Inc. will share the strategies needed so you can stop worrying about your marketing and get back to winning in the marketplace. KASAMA is a full-service marketing agency located in the Quinte region and believes in “helping businesses grow with a client-centered marketing strategy that works.” Kasama Marketing

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